Brain Awareness Week: A time to advance brain knowledge and health

March 18, 2021

By: Deepti Zutshi, M.D., Wayne Health Department of Neurology

Brain Awareness Week (March 15-21, 2021) is a global campaign that takes place annually to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science, also known as neuroscience. The goal of the week is to showcase the brain through public activities in communities that foster an interest in the neurosciences among diverse age groups. Whether it is a simple appreciation for the structural components of the brain or the complex underlying neuropsychology of what makes humans tick, the brain is a fascinating subject.

At Wayne Health, faculty in the department of Neurology promote brain awareness throughout the year. From community outreach programs for patients with multiple sclerosis or epilepsy to research trials leading to new medical treatments for brain conditions, Wayne Health is devoted to advancing brain knowledge and health.

Wayne Health and Wayne State School of Medicine faculty, neurology residents, and medical students volunteer at the annual Brain Day event at the Michigan Science Center Museum in Detroit. This event showcases displays of real human brains and other interactive educational activities on brain functions.

Individuals from Wayne Health and the School of Medicine also promote brain awareness through their participation in annual fundraising walks benefiting the Epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease foundations.

Dr. Deepti Zutshi, Associate Professor of Neurology, demonstrates different parts of a human brain during “Brain Day” at the Michigan Science Museum, Detroit, MI.

Brain Awareness Week 2021 comes at a time when the entire world continues to be focused on the spread and prevention of COVID-19. The impact of COVID-19 on brain health is an area of increased focus for neuroscience researchers around the world. Large studies from China, France and New York City have reported neurological symptoms in about 30% of patients hospitalized with COVID-19. These symptoms range from loss of sense of smell and taste to severe complications, such as delirium and stroke. The cause of these variations in symptoms is still under investigation. What we do know is that these symptoms often have a long-term impact on many individuals recovering from COVID-19.  Wayne Health’s Neurology department has established a specialized, post-COVID-19 neurology clinic to offer patients with persistent neurological symptoms a place to seek help.

The Wayne Health Neurology team is a group of highly experienced experts who are devoted to providing the best possible care for people with neurological disorders. To make an appointment with a Wayne Health neurologist, call (888) DMC-2500, or visit our Wayne Health appointment page.

For more information on Brain Awareness Week and how you can participate, visit the Brain Awareness Week website for a list of ways to get involved.

Brain Awareness Week: A time to advance brain knowledge and health
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