High blood pressure: A serious and silent disease

May 7, 2021

By: Nashat Imran, M.D., Wayne Health Department of Internal Medicine

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a serious and silent disease that can cause a variety of health complications. You may ask yourself: I am not overweight; I exercise; I eat the right food; why is my blood pressure still high?

High blood pressure is a complex result of different interactions in the human body. Some of these interactions include the type of food we eat or certain habits we have, such as smoking. High blood pressure can also be the result of stiff arteries (blood vessels), as well as hormonal imbalances. Certain conditions associated with hypertension may be surprising. These include sleep apnea, working night shifts, or having a stressful job. Salt intake and proper diet are important, but there are so many other things that can contribute to developing hypertension.

Hypertension is a widespread disease affecting most Americans older than age 50. High blood pressure is associated with many complications such as kidney failure, heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. The human body is a fantastic machine that can adapt for many years to elevated blood pressure, but the body has a limit. Therefore, it is vital to control high blood pressure as early as possible and as effectively as possible.

When your doctor tells you that you have high blood pressure, he or she is saying that you are at higher risk for all of the health complications named above. Luckily, we now know more about hypertension than ever before and have treatments that can help limit the risk of associated health complications.

Every person with hypertension is unique, with their own specific medical illnesses, financial challenges, social background and expectations. Your physician needs to get to know you to devise the most appropriate plan to treat your hypertension. You may be having hectic days, so prescribing a three-time-a-day medication may not work for you. Your insurance may cover one type of medication, but not another. Your doctor may need you to check your blood pressure at home before adding more medications.

Every patient is different and deserves full attention from their physician. At Wayne Health, we treat patients as individuals and educate them about their health. We recognize that asking a patient to take daily medicines that may cause side effects for a blood pressure condition without symptoms may be a tough sell for a patient. But regulating blood pressure is vital to good health and well-being. Our role is to support patients in making informed health decisions based on medical knowledge, their values and priorities.

Providers in Wayne Health’s Internal Medicine and Family Medicine departments promote hypertension management and education throughout the year. Our hypertension experts are dedicated to advancing your health through community outreach programs and through hypertension research trials leading to new medical treatments. Schedule an appointment with a Wayne Health physician today through our website or by calling 877-929-6342.

High blood pressure: A serious and silent disease
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