Meet the provider: John Webber, M.D.

September 29, 2021

John Webber, M.D., Department of Surgery, joined Wayne Health in July 1999. He has special interest in laparoscopic and robotic general surgery, and bariatric surgery. He attended the University of Ann Arbor for his undergrad and the Wayne State University School of Medicine for medical school. He chose Wayne Health because of the good work environment. He chose surgery because it’s hands-on.

Dr. Webber wants his patients to know that he is extremely dedicated to practicing surgery in the Detroit community. He works the longest hours of anybody he knows (about 100 hours/week).  He is very dedicated to taking care of his patients. He has operated on more patients in his career to date than most surgeons will in a lifetime. He has seen many things, and experienced many triumphs and sadness. His patients have taught him humility, empathy and compassion.

A typical work day for Dr. Webber starts at 7 a.m.. He works until all cases and consults are done, which is usually around 10-11 p.m.. So far in his career, Dr. Webber is most proud of his dedication and skill set.

In his free time, Dr. Webber enjoys fishing and taking care of Koi fish.

To set up an appointment with Dr. Webber, visit our appointment page or call (877) 929-6342.

Meet the provider: John Webber, M.D.
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