Meet the provider: Jun Li, M.D., PhD

March 22, 2022

Jun Li, M.D., PhD, Department of Neurology, has special interest in inherited peripheral nerve diseases, myelin biology, motor neuron diseases, electromyography and skin biopsy for evaluation of peripheral nerve diseases. Along with providing care to patients, Dr. Li is Professor of Neurology and the Scientific Director of Translational Neuroscience Initiative at Wayne State University.

Dr. Li received his medical school training from Anhui Medical University, graduating in 1985. He then attended graduate school at Drexel University College of Medicine (formerly Hahnemann University) and graduated with his PhD in Neuroscience in 1995. Dr. Li completed a neurology residency at Ohio State University Medical Center from 1996 to 1999. He completed his fellowship in EMG/Neuromuscular Diseases at the University of Utah from 1999 to 2000.

Dr. Li’s research has focused on inherited peripheral nerve diseases and myelin biology.┬áHis research focuses on myelin biology and how axon degenerates and demyelination occur in peripheral nerve diseases. His studies often aim to understand how myelinating Schwann cells interact with axons and how genetic mutations in various types of inherited peripheral neuropathies – also known as Charcot-Marie-Tooth diseases (CMT) – alter the molecular signaling between the two types of cells. These investigations may lead to molecular targets for developing therapeutic interventions.

Dr. Li has won many awards so far in his career. Most notably, he received the NIH K08 award in 2004 and the Wolfe Research Prize from the American Neurological Association (ANA) in 2014.

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Meet the provider: Jun Li, M.D., PhD
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