Meet the provider: Megan Hunter, PA-C

June 30, 2021

Megan Hunter, PA-C, department of Dermatology, joined Wayne Health in September of 2020. She has special interest in acne, cysts, and keloids.

Megan chose Wayne Health because she enjoys the patient population, the area and the learning opportunities that have allowed her to see complicated cases of the highest level. She enjoys the diverse population that Wayne Health gets to serve by being located in Metro Detroit. Wayne Health has helped excel her education with examples of various skin conditions in all their possible presentations, with a particular focus on various skin tones and types. The opportunity to learn and grow at this organization has been invaluable to her.

Megan studied pre-med at Oakland University for her undergrad. She swam competitively at OU, all while gaining work experience in a few nursing homes. She completed PA school at the Detroit Mercy Physician Assistant Program. This allowed her to stay local and gain experience with the Detroit Area patient population. She chose dermatology because of the visual, hands-on and procedural aspect of it.

Megan’s goal with every patient is to have them leave not only with a treatment, but with an understanding of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of both their condition and treatment. She wants her patients to leave with more answers than questions, and the confidence that their concerns will be addressed. Her most impactful experience within her medical career was when she was treating a patient who required repeated treatments. She bonded with her patient over scary video games, and her patient was extremely patient with her even when it came to receiving injections. When her patient was finally done with the treatments, she received a very nice card from them, which will remained pinned up in her office. Megan’s patients have taught her that one treatment never fits all. That, as a provider, there are any number of variables that can change the approach to patient treatment. Being adaptable to patients’ needs requires flexibility and ingenuity at times.

Megan has the joy of getting time at each of Wayne Health’s offices, so every day looks different for her. Still being early-on in her career, she’s most proud of the independence she has gained and the confidence in the knowledge that this organization has imparted.

In her free time, she is currently remodeling what was a very damaged home. Next on the list is the siding! She also enjoys reading, swimming, and playing video games. Sometimes you can find her in her backyard trying to make friends with the local wildlife as well.

To set up an appointment with Megan, visit our appointment page or call (877) 929-6342.

Meet the provider: Megan Hunter, PA-C
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