Meet the provider: Rebecca Jameson, M.D.

August 3, 2021

Rebecca Jameson, M.D., Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, joined Wayne Health in August 2019. She has special interest in family planning, contraception, sterilization, abortion and LGBTQ+ care.

Dr. Jameson joined Wayne Health because it is important to her to provide comprehensive care to patients in the city of Detroit. The women and people of Detroit have been struggling economically and it is important to have providers available so that women can decide how they want to build a family and when. It’s also important to provide women with bleeding disorders and other complex medical problems appropriate care to manage their bleeding to help prevent illness and hospitalization. The community that she has been working with in Metro Detroit has been some of the most rewarding for her. She has noticed that the women of Detroit are used to having hardships and dealing with those on their own. She loves being able to help with one aspect of their care so that they can focus on their families and other important things.

Dr. Jameson received her undergraduate degree from Wayne State University and went to medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. She has a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan. She completed residency in Syracuse, NY at SUNY Upstate. It was important to her to go to school in Detroit. Her grandparents and family have lived here for generations. Her grandfather was an architect and helped survey the land where most of Wayne State University’s campus is located. She spent a lot of time as a child coming to the city for baseball and hockey games, and knew that she would return after she finished her residency. Dr. Jameson always knew that she would go into Women’s Health. One of her goals is that each of her patients can make their own reproductive decisions, whether that means having a pregnancy now and being supported, having a pregnancy later and finding a reliable method that works for them, or if it means not having children and supporting women through that decision. She has seen a large amount of disparities in women’s health care, including discounting women’s pain, bleeding, sexual dysfunction, etc. and she believes this should become more of a priority for the medical system.

Dr. Jameson treats each patient starting from the beginning of their problem. Even if you have started a workup with another provider, she will do her due diligence to ensure that she tries to look through any labs or imaging that will help with your current care. She is extremely thorough. This may mean that she takes more time with each patient, but she wants to make sure that each person has been cared for. The most impactful experience within her medical career to-date is just knowing that she has reached a patient by getting a hand-written letter, an email or referrals. She has many patients that refer their family members to her, which is a big compliment for her. One of the most impactful patient experiences that she’s had was being able to deliver a patient’s rainbow baby after being the person to diagnose her stillbirth the year before. It was a moving experience for her to share with the patient. Her patients have taught her to listen. As a provider, some may think that each problem has one workup and one solution, but then realize that there are many ways to treat a problem and that none of those ways will work if it is not a solution that works for the patient. She asks her patients at each visit what they would like to accomplish.

Being an OB-GYN, she doesn’t have typical days. Some days she is in the office seeing patients for pregnancy, IUD placement and surgical referrals. Other days, she’s on labor and delivery, caring for patients. She is in the operating room one day per week for gynecologic cases as well. When she’s not seeing patients, she’s teaching medical students and residents about obstetrics & gynecology.

So far in her career, she is most proud of being the Director of the Ryan Program, which is a training program for the residents to learn family planning. This is a skill that she is happy to share with new learners to make sure that women are able to plan their families. She is also an assistant professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Wayne State University.

In her free-time, she spends weekends and nights with her dogs. She is very interested in taking care of rescue dogs and an assortment of plants. She also spends time reading and traveling.

To set up an appointment with Dr. Jameson, visit our appointment page or call (877) 929-6342.

Meet the provider: Rebecca Jameson, M.D.
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