Meet the Provider: Steven Daveluy, M.D.

May 13, 2021

Steven Daveluy, M.D., department of Dermatology joined Wayne Health in 2012. Dr. Daveluy has special interest in complex medical dermatology, hidradenitis suppurativa, integrative dermatology, complementary and alternative dermatology, cutaneous lymphoma, tele-dermatology, dermatology education and skin-of-color dermatology.

Dr. Daveluy joined Wayne Health because he enjoys working with resident physicians at the Wayne State University School of Medicine to help them learn dermatology, and also enjoys interacting with Wayne Health’s community of dermatology providers.

Dr. Daveluy attended Michigan State University for his undergraduate education, and attended Wayne State University for his medical school education and dermatology residency. He so enjoyed caring for vulnerable populations in Detroit and Wayne County that he never left after completing his residency. He is passionate about serving a diverse population as a part of Wayne Health. He strives to understand the differences in skin diseases across skin types, and he is very proud to say that all Wayne State University School of Medicine graduates are prepared to treat patients of all skin colors and types when they complete their training. Dr. Daveluy is an active member of the Skin of Color Society where he collaborates with experts across the country on research and educational initiatives to stay up-to-date on the most current knowledge.

Dr. Daveluy sees patients at the Wayne Health clinic or at Karmanos Cancer Institute, and also spends a day-and-a-half each week at the Veterans Administration Hospital where he sees patients from several states through tele-dermatology. He specializes in helping patients who have been struggling to get proper diagnosis and treatment, pinpointing small details about the appearance of their skin conditions to determine a diagnosis.

Dr. Daveluy’s knowledge of dermatology goes beyond skin treatments to include types of clothing that is best for a patient’s skin and ways to incorporate skin care into patients’ daily lives. He listens and learns from his patients and takes that information to share with others. One of the most impactful experiences of his career was when he spotted skin cancer on a stranger’s neck at a social event. He cautiously let him know that he was a dermatologist, and recommended that he make an appointment. The man was incredibly grateful and has now become an advocate for sun safety and skin cancer awareness.

In his free time, Dr. Daveluy enjoys camping with his husband and two dogs. He also loves building Legos, playing video games and listening to music.

To set up an appointment with Dr. Daveluy, visit our appointment page or call 877-929-6342.

Meet the Provider: Steven Daveluy, M.D.
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