Midwife Services a Nurturing Experience for Local Resident

October 6, 2020

It has been a stressful year at times for Detroit resident Desiree Henderson. Between the direct personal impact that COVID-19 has had on her and those around her, and a personal loss that she suffered, Desiree has faced several challenges.

So it is understandable that going through a pregnancy within this environment was stressful at times. Yet 2020 was also a year of hope for her because by late summer Desiree had given birth to her healthy son I’Travion. She credits Wayne Health Midwife Lisa Fields (pictured) with helping her every step of the way.

Desiree worked with a physician during her first pregnancy. However, she concluded through her own research that working with a midwife this time would provide the more personal experience that she craved. With Lisa’s help, Desiree was not disappointed.

“Lisa was amazing because she spent the time to connect with me personally,” Desiree said. “We didn’t just talk about the pregnancy and the birthing (process) but we connected. It was exactly the type of personal experience I was hoping for.”

Working with a midwife is something that Desiree would recommend other women consider, saying that when you find the right midwife partner, it becomes a more relaxing experience. She even referred to Lisa as a “confidant”. Desiree may have been most impressed by the fact that Lisa was onsite at the hospital the entire time that Desiree was in labor and stayed for a while afterward to make sure she was comfortable.

“We made a great team during the length of my pregnancy,” Desiree said. “It really helped to relieve my stress level.”

Learn more about the Women’s Health and Nurse Midwifery team at Wayne Health.

Midwife Services a Nurturing Experience for Local Resident
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