One-stage smile reconstruction surgery helps those with permanent facial paralysis

February 22, 2021

By: Ahmed M. Hashem, M.D., Wayne Health Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery

Facial paralysis can be a devastating condition affecting a person’s self-esteem, psychological wellbeing and social interaction. The loss of facial motion to one or both sides of the face results in the loss of spontaneous emotional expression and a disfiguring deviation of the angle of the mouth, that becomes accentuated when smiling.

Although some patients with this condition may improve through medical treatment, there are others whose deformity is known from the outset to be permanent. Traditionally, surgical “reanimation” of the face of these patients required a series of complex, staged surgical procedures with long operating times and a considerable recovery period.

More recently, improved understanding of facial anatomy has allowed us to devise a simpler approach to smile reconstruction in a single surgery. Unlike the multistage, complex surgeries, this new approach can be applied to a wider population of patients. And most importantly, this single-stage surgery can achieve the same results as the more complex series of procedures.

This new smile reconstruction surgery is helpful for those with permanent facial paralysis; those who had suboptimal results from previous smile reconstruction; or those who were put off by the overwhelming nature of a series of complex, staged, facial reanimation surgeries. Even those who were told that their general health status precluded them from having the traditional, staged smile recovery surgeries may be candidates for the new single-stage surgery.

Wayne Health plastic surgeons offer the full spectrum of smile reconstruction surgeries, whether complex or simple, tailoring the approach to the individual needs of patients. Our highly qualified physicians and surgeons offer a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach that results in superior patient care and outstanding outcomes.

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One-stage smile reconstruction surgery helps those with permanent facial paralysis
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