Patient Safety at Wayne Health

March 15, 2021

March 14-20th is Patient Safety Awareness Week. Patient Safety is more than just a phrase at Wayne Health, it is a commitment. Wayne Health ensures you and your loved ones’ safety by giving you information about your health conditions, providing directions on how and when to take your medications, and empowering you and your caregivers to act as a safety “double-check” with access to medical advice and test results.

Patients and their caregivers also play an important role in Patient Safety. When Wayne Health, patients and their caregivers work together in creating a “culture of safety” by identifying and reporting issues that are risks to patient safety, better outcomes can be ensured for all.

Here are some ways patients and their caregivers can do to help:

  • Manage your condition. Be sure you have the knowledge and supplies in order to manage your condition. Ask questions when you are unsure. Write questions down for your doctor prior to your appointment.
  • Manage your medications. Understand the purpose, dosage schedule, administration, and potential negative effects and how to recognize them. Know when your refills are running out.
  • Caregiver contact. Understand how and when to contact caregivers outside of routine doctor appointments. Keep phone numbers handy.
  • Coordinating your care. You and your caregivers play an important role in ensuring your care coordination. This includes keeping an updated list of medications and keeping track of anything else related to your conditions.

Wayne Health’s commitment to quality and patient safety means we always strive to do better.  We encourage your feedback as it allows us to improve the care we give to you. If you have any questions, compliments, or concerns, please report them by phone to 866-270-1965 or online at

To schedule an appointment with a Wayne Health doctor, call 877-WAYNE-HC (877-929-6342).

Patient Safety at Wayne Health
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