The future of workforce from Detroiter Magazine

May 11, 2021

Arash Javanbakht, director of the stress, trauma, and anxiety research clinic at Wayne State University’s School of Medicine, and provider with Wayne Health, commented in a story about the future of the workforce following the pandemic. “Transition, lack of control, and uncertainty are three important factors leading to higher stress, and risk to mental health. The pandemic led to expedited and fast transition of workspace, style, and relationships to a totally different format. Workers had very limited control over the transitions, and tremendous uncertainty about the form of changes and their timeline.

The same factors will be involved in transition out of the pandemic, mostly to hybrid systems of work, but the details are still unclear to individual workers. Advanced informing about the planned stepwise transition and involving the workers in such decisions will help provide sense of control and reduce uncertainty. We know from previous pandemics that the negative mental health impact lingers long after the pandemic is over. We need to expand available mental health services. The silver lining is that because of the pandemic, all these services are available via telemedicine, which eases access.”

Read, “The future of workforce” from Detroiter Magazine.

The future of workforce from Detroiter Magazine
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