Wayne Health Midwife Supports Natural Birth

October 7, 2020

One of the biggest keys to being a supportive midwife is the act of truly listening to the mother-to-be. That’s what impressed Detroit resident Katherine Pittman the most about working with Mary Lewis, CNM, for a few months leading up to the birth of her son Clark.

No matter the question, concern or scenario that Katherine posed, Mary was there for her. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. After all, Katherine was able to select Mary when she moved to Ann Arbor during her pregnancy, which necessitated her finding a new midwife.

“My old midwife knew Mary and loved her,” Katherine says. “She understands the big picture and is so easy to talk with. Her resume was very diverse and she even had significant experience outside of the U.S.”

Katherine was able to have a successful and rewarding natural birthing experience with Clark. She never felt overly prodded or poked in the months and weeks leading up to her delivery day, which was important to Katherine. She also appreciated the soothing bedside manner that she experienced.

Katherine believes that more women may want to consider working with a midwife because the advantages can be extensive. The entire process gave her a sense of comfort. For example, she didn’t want to speed up the pregnancy once she began having contractions, and Mary helped ensure the labor process was completed on its own time, not rushed in any way.

“If you want to have a normal or natural pregnancy, working with a midwife is great,” Katherine says. “They are great advocates for your wishes and can provide just about everything you need from a clinical perspective.”

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Wayne Health Midwife Supports Natural Birth
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