Welcome to a new era for Wayne State University Physician Group

November 20, 2019

WSUPG’s vision for the future is built around its passion for, and expertise and experience in, serving medically complex patients, especially those in underserved populations in Detroit.

“We consider it a badge of honor to care for the most complex and vulnerable patients,” said Charles Shanley, M.D., WSUPG’s president and CEO. “Our future focus is to lead and innovate in creating a new model of integrated health care, one with a special emphasis on improving the health and well-being of vulnerable, underserved populations. Our future lies in creating a platform where our talented physicians can advance population health in Detroit and the State of Michigan.”

Improving access and streamlining delivery of integrated health services care for patients is also an important focus for the new WSUPG.

Through a newly added Midtown location at 400 Mack Ave. in Detroit, and consolidated clinics in Southfield, Troy, Livonia and Dearborn, WSUPG is aiming to excel at providing high-quality, cost effective and efficient health care services.

Like many health providers around the country, WSUPG has been through tough financial times the past several years, prompted by widespread changes in the health care industry. To address its financial difficulties, it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in November 2018.

With its quick emergence from bankruptcy in June 2019, WSUPG is on a new path to future financial success.

“We had tremendous success in navigating bankruptcy,” said Dr. Shanley, who joined the organization in March 2018. “Our reorganization plan was approved in record time and we consolidated our footprint with minimal attrition. We have paid off our creditors, with financial support from the Wayne State University Board and President. We have begun our rebirth as a thriving, multispecialty academic group practice providing high-quality care for patients and a superior educational experience for the next generation of physicians.”

“We are investing in new tools to modernize and improve our business processes and streamline patients’ access to care,” said Dr. Shanley. “We have a renewed focus on quality and patient experience, and are modernizing our patient call center to offer easier access to appointments with our specialists.”

The new Midtown location offers an opportunity to bring outpatient primary care together with specialty care and behavioral health services in a truly integrated multidisciplinary care site.

“That has huge advantages for vulnerable, complex patients, who will be able to access medical and behavioral care conveniently in one location,” explained Dr. Shanley.

WSUPG’s psychiatry faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for new and innovative models of behavioral care that improve patient outcomes at lower cost, with fewer inpatient medical and psychiatric hospitalizations.

The 400 Mack building will house WSUPG’s administrative staff, together with clinical faculty, to better serve patients and support the Wayne State University School of Medicine. WSUPG administration has occupied the building since October 2019; multidisciplinary health services will be added in 2020.

“We’ve always had the talented clinicians to be successful, but we’ve not had the best chassis to support them,” explained Dr. Shanley. “Through our reorganization, we are modernizing our business functions and optimizing our clinical locations to better support the needs of our physicians and their patients.”

It’s a new era for WSUPG. Just like the city of Detroit, WSUPG now has the opportunity and the will to thrive.

Welcome to a new era for Wayne State University Physician Group
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