Beware of eye injuries from Nerf Guns

February 22, 2021

By: Reecha Bahl, M.D., Wayne Health Department of Ophthalmology

With our children at home more than usual during the pandemic, parents are searching for creative ways to keep them entertained.

Over the holidays, you may have seen advertisements for Nerf and other ‘soft dart’ guns telling parents to “Bring home the fun!” These gadgets certainly are thrilling and fun to play with. But beware, these toys may carry hidden dangers if appropriate safety precautions are not taken.

The small darts can cause significant damage to the eye. When the darts hit the eye, they can cause swelling and scratches to the front layer of the eye (the cornea), and cause bleeding within the eye (hyphema). The bleeding is of particular concern, as it may lead to an increase in eye pressure, potentially permanently damaging vision and requiring invasive surgery.

Additionally, there have been reports of damage to the back layers of the eye (retina) with associated swelling and detachments.

Your children do not need to avoid these toys altogether. The majority of these eye injuries can be prevented with safe play, specifically with the use of protective eyewear.

Wayne Health pediatric ophthalmologists are specialists in all eye conditions affecting children.  To make an appointment with pediatric eye doctor Reecha Bahl, M.D., call 877-929-6342 or request an appointment online.

Beware of eye injuries from Nerf Guns
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