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Speech, Voice and Swallowing Disorders

Why choose Wayne Health for speech, voice and swallowing disorders?

Wayne Health’s speech, voice and swallowing team consists of board-certified physicians and licensed speech and language pathologists who are part of the division of Speech and Language Pathology of Wayne State University School of Medicine’s Department of Otolaryngology. Our experienced experts evaluate and treat patients with a wide range of speech, voice and swallowing disorders, specializing in head and neck cancer, tracheostomy, irritable larynx syndrome, chronic cough and paradoxical vocal fold motion disorder. We use a variety of diagnostic techniques, including video-stroboscopic laryngeal imaging, voice and swallowing evaluations and modified barium swallow examinations, to facilitate a diagnosis and establish a comprehensive, integrated and individualized treatment plan for each patient.

Wayne Health speech, voice and swallowing services

  • Post-laryngectomy care
  • Head and neck cancer care
  • Trachea-esophageal voice prosthesis evaluation and fitting
  • Tracheostomy
  • Irritable larynx syndrome treatment
  • Chronic cough evaluation and treatment
  • Paradoxical vocal fold motion therapy
  • Swallowing disorders (dysphagia) treatment
  • Voice problems and disorders (vocal cord paralysis, papilloma, laryngeal dysplasia, vocal cord lesions, spasmodic dysphonia)
  • Glossectomy and laryngectomy speech and swallowing rehabilitation
  • Video-stroboscopic laryngeal imaging
  • Voice and swallowing evaluation
  • Modified barium swallow examinations
  • Speech therapy


Wayne Health's approach to treatment

Speech, voice and swallowing disorders affect one’s ability to communicate, diminishing the quality of patients’ personal and professional lives. Wayne Health’s speech, voice and swallowing team conducts a comprehensive evaluation to formulate a treatment plan individualized to the needs of each patient. We draw upon our team’s expertise and experience in evaluating and treating a wide range of speech, voice and swallowing disorders, and the deep knowledge and experience of other Wayne Health and the WSU School of Medicine specialists, to offer comprehensive treatment and rehabilitative care for patients.

Advancing research and medical education

Wayne Health physicians and researchers are faculty at Wayne State University School of Medicine who conduct basic research and clinical studies. This can make the latest treatments and clinical trials available to you sooner than other providers without a medical school affiliation.

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