Wayne Health Neurology

Why choose Wayne Health for Neurology?

The multidisciplinary Neurology outpatient and inpatient services of the Wayne Health Neurology team are focused on providing the best, most comprehensive care of patients with neurological disorders. Located in the heart of Detroit, our team’s close affiliation with the community allows us to proudly serve residents of the city of Detroit and surrounding areas with the highest quality of care. Recognized annually by U.S. News & World Report for excellence in neurological care, Wayne Health neurologists are also frequently named among the “Best Doctors of America” and their expertise and services are recognized by peers locally as well.

As part of the only academically-affiliated local neurology clinic in the Detroit Metro area, Wayne Health Neurology upholds the three-part mission of academia with excellence in patient care, education and research. We offer a disease-specific and integrated approach to common and rare types of neurological disorders, including stroke, epilepsy and seizures, movement disorders, neuromuscular diseases, multiple sclerosis, dementia and neuro-oncology. At Wayne Health Neurology, we have a multidisciplinary team of neuropsychologists, therapists, geneticists, and neuroradiologists to allow for a comprehensive, patient-oriented approach to health care.


Wayne Health’s approach to treatment

Wayne Health neurologists and neurology providers have academic appointments at the WSU School of Medicine and provide clinical care and expertise at Metro Detroit hospitals. We strive to offer the latest and most advanced treatment options for you.

Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Center – Designated by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as a Center for Comprehensive MS Care, our highly qualified and nationally recognized Wayne Health Neurology team cares for a wide range of autoimmune disorders. Our patients have access to numerous clinical trials and FDA-approved treatments and investigational drugs.

Neuromuscular medicine and pain – Wayne Health’s team of neuromuscular physicians provide disease-specific care for a variety of neuromuscular diseases offering the latest technological diagnostic advances, including ultrasound-guided pain control for patients. Wayne Health pain specialists treat a variety of neurological conditions, including headaches, with the latest medical treatment and Botox injections.

In addition, our nationally-recognized Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) Clinic offers a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to the care and treatment of patients with CMT and other inherited peripheral nerve disorders. Patients will be able to see a world-renowned local Wayne Health neurologist with decades of experience in CMT, as well as a genetic counselor, physiatrist (physical rehabilitation specialist), physical therapist and clinical electrophysiologist, all in the same day of the visit at Wayne Health

Comprehensive Epilepsy Center – Our Level 4 NAEC-accredited Epilepsy Specialty Center at Wayne Health offers patients with a seizure disorder and epilepsy the latest medical and surgical advances and diagnostic technology with our world-renowned PET Center and Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. With a multidisciplinary approach to caring for patients with intractable epilepsy, the Wayne Health Epilepsy Center also gives patients access to clinics with experts in epilepsy and high-risk pregnancy, geriatric epilepsy, autoimmune epilepsy, adult tuberous sclerosis epilepsy and diet therapies for epilepsy and seizure disorders.

Neuro-critical care – Wayne Health’s neuro-critical care team, vascular neurology and neuro-interventionalists provide exceptional care for patients with traumatic brain injury, status epilepticus, strokes and subarachnoid hemorrhage and other severe acute neurological diseases.

Vascular/Stroke Neurology – Part of the Michigan Stroke Network, the vascular or cerebrovascular disease/stroke program at Wayne Health has special expertise in lowering the risk of recurrent strokes and treating the effects of stroke. Wayne Health’s regional acute inpatient stroke and neurocritical care service works closely with neuro-endovascular surgeons to save lives and help patients with acute stroke recover brain function.

Movement disorders – The nationally-recognized movement disorder clinicians at Wayne Health specialize in Parkinson’s disease and related syndromes, including Huntington’s disease and spinocerebellar ataxias. Patients have access to the latest treatments, including EMG-guided Botox and Myobloc injections for dystonia and spasticity.

Neuro-oncology – This Wayne Health Neuro-Oncology multidisciplinary clinic and research team offers patients with metastatic and non-metastatic complications of systemic cancer and primary central nervous system tumors with the best clinical care and access to the most advanced research trials.

Advancing research and medical education

Wayne Health physicians and researchers are also faculty at Wayne State University School of Medicine who conduct basic research and clinical studies. This makes the latest treatments and clinical trials available to you sooner than other health providers without a medical school affiliation. Our research activities are supported by the National Institutes of Health, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Department of Veterans Affairs, National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and other funding agencies.

Translational Neuroscience Research Initiative – The goal of the Translational Neuroscience Research Initiative at Wayne Health is to recruit highly talented researchers and inspire interdisciplinary investigations that focus on leading-edge clinical and basic neuroscience studies.

For more information on clinical research and medical education, please visit the links below at the WSU School of Medicine.

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