Wayne Health Physicial Medicine and Rehabilitiation (PM&R)

Why choose Wayne Health for physical medicine and rehabilitation?

Wayne Health’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) group is dedicated to preventing, diagnosing and treating conditions resulting in temporary or permanent pain or physical impairment, serving patients across southeast Michigan.

Wayne Health’s PM&R team helps patients with chronic disease, pain or disabilities to optimize their function.  Rehabilitation involves the use of physical agents (e.g. heating or cooling, mechanical or electromagnetic modalities) as well as therapeutic exercise to help patients:

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (also known as physiatry) is a branch of medicine relating to pain, dysfunction or disability resulting from conditions of the muscles or bones (musculoskeletal), brain, spine or nervous system (neurological), the heart (cardiovascular) or lungs (pulmonary). This specialty involves diagnosis and treatment of patients with painful or functionally limiting conditions or those with multiple medical conditions (comorbidities and co-impairments.) Our PM&R specialists are board certified and offer diagnostic and therapeutic injections and procedures, and electrodiagnostic medicine including electromyography (EMG), with an emphasis on preventing complications of disability from secondary conditions.

Wayne Health physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty services

Our highly qualified and experienced specialists provide rehabilitation services for the following conditions:

Wayne Health’s approach to treatment

Our physiatrists evaluate, diagnose and treat musculoskeletal pain caused by sports injuries, work injuries, trauma or disease.

Wayne Health’s PM&R team plans treatment based on a thorough evaluation of the patient’s medical history and/or neurological reports, X-rays and laboratory tests. The team may use electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction tests to evaluate nerve and muscle function. PM&R treatment may include any combination of the following: medication, physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage, exercise, spinal injections and more.

Members of the rehabilitation team coordinate your care with the goal of improving function in your daily activities. Your progress is carefully tracked until your symptoms have resolved or stabilized. In some cases, symptoms progress, indicating surgery may be needed. If so, your PM&R doctor can refer you to a surgeon for further evaluation.

Advancing research and medical education

Wayne Health physicians and researchers are faculty members at Wayne State University School of Medicine who conduct basic, translational and clinical research. This makes the latest treatments and clinical trials available to you sooner than other providers without a medical school affiliation.

Wayne Health physicians also teach the next generation of physicians, including WSU medical students and residents, who work under the close supervision of professors in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This teaching role motivates our physicians to be on the leading edge of research and treatment advancements.

The Detroit Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) is the primary teaching facility for the PM&R residency training program. Our residents also have rotations that take them to Detroit Receiving Hospital, Harper University Hospital, Karmanos Cancer Center, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Detroit VA and other clinics in the surrounding suburbs. Click here for more information on the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan.

For more information on clinical research, please visit the links below at the WSU School of Medicine.

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